Plants & machinery

In the construction business, machinery plays a vital role. That’s why at KLA, we have studiously acquired a balanced set of equipments and machineries. This gives us freedom to cater to mega industrial projects ensuring speedy and high-quality output. For specific standardized equipments, we have our vendors who provide good back up services in varied states & nations.

To diminish the human error, we have mechanized most of our workforce with the latest equipment and machineries. Some of our equipments are listed below:-

Concrete Equipment Earthmoving Equipment Cleaning Equipment Steel Fabrication Equipment
Batching Plant (30cumtr.) JCB Industrial Cleaner Gas Cutting Set
Batching Plant (20cumtr.) Poclain Vaccum Cleaner Welding Set
Batching Plant (12cumtr.) Tractor Trolley Grinding Machine Hydra Crane
Batching Plant (08cumtr.) Water Trolley Buffing Machine Power Hacksaw
Hydraulic Pump Scrapper Polishing Machine Electric Grinders
Transit Mixer Road Roller Generators Chain Pulley
Ride On Trowel Scaffolding 5 KVA Wire Rope
Beam Vibrator Plates 15 KVA Sandblasting Machine
Plant Vibrator Prop Jack 20 KVA Airless Spray
Hopper Mixer Standard 32 KVA Demolition Equipment
Bar Bending Ledgers 60 KVA Jack Hammer
Bar Cutting Base Jack 82 KVA Turbo Hammer
Mini Dumper Clamp 100 KVA Wire Saw
Tower crane Pipes Miscellaneous Wall Saw
Tractor Trolley Drop Head Stone Cutting Machine Floor Saw
Builder Hoist Infill Beam Cutter Machine Buster & Crusher
Passenger Hoist Miscellaneous Electrical Pumps Hand Saw
Truss Screed Vibrator Cellular Concrete Machine Block Making Machine Drilling Machine

KLA Equipment Bank