About KLA

Fostering excellence

In the year 1985, Mr. A Kumar laid the foundation of KLA. Starting off with the corporate office in New Delhi in 1995, KLA made its first mark by crossing a turnover of Rs. 15 crore. KLA Construction Division was established in 1999 followed by the KLA Product Division in 2009. The turnover for the financial year 2010-11 stood at Rs.78 crore.
Since then there is no looking back.

Today KLA boasts of its integrated group spanning construction, specialty civil systems and promotion of construction material to its partners and customers. With innovation and cutting-edge technology, KLA is one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Thanks to its unique and robust business model. It’s a fine blueprint of innovative thinking, project operation and efficient cost management. In short, it helps us to provide customized solutions, quality-control, on-time hand-over and so on.

That’s why for over 2 decades we have been a part of many national and international large-scale civil projects across a multitude of verticals, creating everything from steel to structures, to complex framed structure to elite class interiors. Our portfolio also comprises waterproofing, repairs, controlled dismantling, etc through several projects in the residential, commercial, institutional and industrial space.

The reason behind our magnificent history is our highly qualified and experienced manpower. Committed to raise the industry standards with every project, the KLA work force has 170 dedicated professionals which include 70 highly qualified engineers with 2000 workers engaged on various projects.

From one landmark to other, KLA’s journey of beautifying the landscapes continues.

If you want to know more, please feel free to call us or write us at kla@klaworld.com