Pre Loader

The payment terms are mentioned in the contract based on mutual discussion, duration and scale of Project.Typically we take mobilisation amount for mobilising the site and the rest of the payment schedule are determined and decided before hand.

Depending on project location and what is being done a permit and licenses which comes under our preview as contractor, obtained by our legal teams. we will handle all the inspection and make sureevry thing is built to code, and that the project and process satisfies all requirements as per the prevailing laws.

Important materials are specified in the contract. All materials are covered, however, as substitutions are sometime unavoidable( lots of bricks run out or particular brand of steel oe cement are not available as per our requirement). We make sure that the client should be well informed about it and an equal substitution will ne offered and can get in used only after receiving approval from client.

A change order is a written statement signed by the customer authorizing the contarctor to do additional work not included in the original contract. The change order should be signed before the additional work is started. A change order also maybe written when a contractor comes across any unforeseen damage or problem.

We provide on site labortaries which time to time keep on testing and checking the quality of the materials and if we required then sometimes it also get tested by outside authorised labs, the same report is shared with the client. To keep a check of quality on the execution we have quality engineer and managers who keep stringent eye on it.