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One of the most important area of concern for the construction industry for over a decade now is the rehabilitation and upgrading of the civil engineering infrastructure existing in the country. Deterioration of structural members like beams, girders and columns in all types of buildings may be attributed to ageing, environmentally induced degradation, poor initial construction and/or design, lack of maintenance and to accidental events such as earthquakes or fires. This is frequently combined with the need for upgrading so that buildings can met more stringent design requirements (e.g. increased FAR exceeding the initial design loads, revision in Indian code requirements etc.) and hence the aspect of civil engineering infrastructure renewal has received considerable attention over the past few years throughout the nation. At the same time, seismic retrofit has become at least equally important, especially in area of high seismic risk.

Drawing from our years of experience, KLA provides customized & efficient strengthening solutions utilizing latest technologies to restore or add load carrying capacities to the structure. By blending experience, creativity and state of the art knowledge, KLA’s team could help clients to appreciate the full range of options from proven repair methods to practical and innovative repair techniques- the best of its kind available in the world.

Our services

Injection grouting system cement/epoxy/pu

Concrete jacketing

Self-compacting concrete - jacketing

Micro concrete- jacketing

Steel plate- jacketing

Composite wraps & laminates

Anchoring & rebarring

Control Dismantling

Fire proofing

PMC/PMM repair

Protective coating

Non-destructive testing

Shortcreting & Guniting

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