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Water Proofing & Thermal Insulation

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Water Proofing

At KLA, we just not believe in merely selling a product for the job, we would like to offer the appropriate solution after completely understanding the requirements of the project. Waterproofing of civil structures has become one of the most prominent aspect of construction industry today.

We specialise in waterproofing of all possible areas that need to be protected from the effects of water. Our systems are engineered to take care of the structure for decades to come.

 Either it’s a basement with high water table issue or an infinity pool on the roof top, KLA provides all kind of solutions to its clients with engineering back up by furnishing project based shop drawings and detailing thereafter execution by professionally trained team of applicators.

Thermal Insulation

Energy conservation and minimising cost is paramount important for buildings owners and its occupants. A god system insulation not only brings comfort to the occupants of the building but also effectively brings down the running cost of sir conditioning systems. ECBC codes are established to provide the general guidelines of thermal insulations that a building should have.

At KLA, we have wide range of options for thermal insulation, starting from perlite to extruded polyamide boards. We have vast experience in installing the thermal insulation systems together with waterproofing for roofs and walls.

Our services




Box type kota stone waterproofing

Brick bat coba

Injection’s systems

Water stopper / bars

Drainage board & filtration media

Perlite / vermiculite

Spray applied polyurethane foam

XPS/EPS boards

Light weight cellular concrete

Extended aluminium expansion joint covers

Extended EPDM filler





Poly urea




Bituminous polymeric




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